Phantom Limb Pain Management Using Facial Expression Analysis, Biofeedback and Augmented Reality Interfacing

International Conference on Software Development for Enhancing Accessibility and Fighting Info-Exclusion (DSAI), 2010

Post-amputation sensation often translates to the feeling of severe pain in the missing limb, referred to as phantom limb pain (PLP). A clear and rational treatment regimen is difficult to establish, as long as the underlying pathophysiology is not fully known. In this work, an innovative PLP management system is presented, as a module of an holistic computer-mediated pain management environment, namely Epione. The proposed Epione-PLP scheme is structured upon advanced facial expression analysis, used to form a dynamic pain meter, which, in turn, is used to trigger biofeedback and augmented reality-based PLP distraction scenarios. The latter incorporate a model of the missing limb for its visualization, in an effort to provide to the amputee the feeling of its existence and control, and, thus, maximize his/her PLP relief. The novel Epione-PLP management approach integrates edge-technology within the context of personalized health and it could be used to facilitate easing of PLP patients’ suffering, provide efficient progress monitoring and contribute to the increase in their quality of life.