Epione: An Innovative Pain Management System Using Facial Expression Analysis, Biofeedback and Augmented Reality-Based Distraction

International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS), 2010

An innovative pain management system, namely Epione, is presented here. Epione deals with three main types of pain, i.e., acute pain, chronic pain, and phantom limb pain. In particular, by using facial expression analysis, Epione forms a dynamic pain meter, which then triggers biofeedback and augmented reality-based destruction scenarios, in an effort to maximize patient’s pain relief. This unique combination sets Epione not only a novel pain management approach, but also a means that provides an understanding and integration of the needs of the whole community involved i.e., patients and physicians, in a joint attempt to facilitate easing of their suffering, provide efficient monitoring and contribute to a better quality of life.